Please review this year’s resolutions below. Utilize the links below the resolutions in preparation for our 53rd Annual Convention located in Sacramento, Ca on Jan 10th -13th 2019.  We look forward to your participation and attendance!

2019 Proposed Budget

B R&F 1-19 Release Time Bank Credit Notification

B R&F 2-19 Addition to Vacation Leave Credit

B R&F 3-19 Fire Captain Out of Range Assignments(1)

B R&F 4-19 HFEO Passenger Endorsement Pay

B R&F 5-19 VacationAnnual Leave Use Policy

B R&F 6-19 Improve Class A Uniform – Fire Captain

B R&F 7-19 Forced Overtime behind vacancy be included in PERS Compensation

B R&F 8-19 First Come, First Serve Approval Timeline

BJ 1-19 PORAC Membership for L2881 Members

BJ 2-19 Employee Reimbursement of destroyed or stolen out of county bag

BJ 3-19 Veteran Recruiting BJ 4-19 Bereavement Leave Coverage

C & OP 1-19 Emeritus Status Mike Lopez

C & OP 2-19 Emeritus Status Kevin O’Meara

C & OP 3-19 Emeritus Status Brian Burger

C & OP 4-19 Voting Standards

C & OP 5-19 Release Time Bank Tracking

C & OP 6-19 Shift Pattern Voting

FIN 1-19 Structural Deficit Budget Adjustments

FIN 2-19 Honor Guard Budget Support

HS & I 1-19 Staffing HS & I 2-19 Cancer Screening for L2881 Members

2019 Finance Budget Presentation

L2881 Constitution 6.17 LOGO

1200 General Convention

1500 Position Statements

2019 convention registration form final