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Good Afternoon District X Members
I have been thinking of ways that we can improve our communication and support of one another. I know that this objective is a difficult one to satisfy without a group effort but I am optimistic about this positive change. I would like to improve the traffic on this site and message board. We can discuss several items and grow this into whatever we choose however this is the direction I plan to go until I receive suggestions and input from all of you. I will create an event section where we post things like upcoming trips. We can plan and promote upcoming events such as camping trips, a day hiking, a surf session, off-road adventure, or a night out on the town etc. I want to create a “help needed” section for our family so we have a place to go to when we need a service or some help. I will create a classified section where we can advertise our goods, services or opportunities for other fire families to purchase. It is my vision that we start 2019 by utilizing this platform to encourage participation in making our unit and it’s families closer! Please let me know what other sections could be beneficial or desired and lets spread the word that this is the new place to be! I will be creating these other sections as well as building a small team of moderators in the near future. Please discuss and suggest ideas that would be beneficial in accomplishing this goal. Once you are logged into this site click on the following:

Members Tab

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You will then be able to contribute to this discussion! The possibilities are endless 🙂


Chris Resnick