Local 2881 – District Wide Outreach Tour


Good Morning 10th District Members, 

District Vice President Patrick Walker will be making in person visits throughout the Unit/District to provide outreach to our membership along with several other Union Officers from August 18th to August 28th

This is great time for any members to ask questions and received updates to the activities of Local 2881.  We will also have L2881 decals we will be giving to all members and working on some San Diego County Firefighters / Local 2881 off duty shirts.

If you are not on duty during the visit to your Battalion/Program, We can provide a zoom link for you to attend virtually.


These are the planned dates/locations
Battalion 1
Wednesday – August 18th
Battalion 7
Thursday – August 19th
Battalion 5
Friday – August 20th
Battalion 8
Saturday – August 21st
Battalion 4
Sunday – August 22nd
Battalion 2/HQ Members (ECC, PREV, Service Center, Resource Management)
Monday – August 23rd
Battalion 3
Tuesday – August 24th
Rainbow Fire Center
Wednesday – August 25th
Puerta La Cruz Camp
Thursday – August 26th
La Cima Camp
Friday – August 27th
Gillespie Helitack/Ramona Air Attack
Saturday – August 28th


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