Please review this year’s resolutions below. Utilize the links below the resolutions in preparation for our 53rd Annual Convention located in Sacramento, Ca on Jan 10th -13th 2019.  We look forward to your participation and attendance!

2019 Proposed Budget

B R&F 1-19 Release Time Bank Credit Notification

B R&F 2-19 Addition to Vacation Leave Credit

B R&F 3-19 Fire Captain Out of Range Assignments(1)

B R&F 4-19 HFEO Passenger Endorsement Pay

B R&F 5-19 VacationAnnual Leave Use Policy

B R&F 6-19 Improve Class A Uniform – Fire Captain

B R&F 7-19 Forced Overtime behind vacancy be included in PERS Compensation

B R&F 8-19 First Come, First Serve Approval Timeline

BJ 1-19 PORAC Membership for L2881 Members

BJ 2-19 Employee Reimbursement of destroyed or stolen out of county bag

BJ 3-19 Veteran Recruiting BJ 4-19 Bereavement Leave Coverage

C & OP 1-19 Emeritus Status Mike Lopez

C & OP 2-19 Emeritus Status Kevin O’Meara

C & OP 3-19 Emeritus Status Brian Burger

C & OP 4-19 Voting Standards

C & OP 5-19 Release Time Bank Tracking

C & OP 6-19 Shift Pattern Voting

FIN 1-19 Structural Deficit Budget Adjustments

FIN 2-19 Honor Guard Budget Support

HS & I 1-19 Staffing HS & I 2-19 Cancer Screening for L2881 Members

2019 Finance Budget Presentation

L2881 Constitution 6.17 LOGO

1200 General Convention

1500 Position Statements

2019 convention registration form final


Bump Schedule Voting Results:

1. 95% participation of those affected
2. 318 Total Affected Members
3. 302 Ballots Collected
4. Yes = 163
5. No = 130
6. Abstain = 9
7. 50% + 1 needed to pass = 152
The MVU Bump Schedule has passed with 163 Yes votes.

A meet and confer is the next step in the process. Thank You to all that participated and to Jared Covert for his hard work in collecting ballots. 


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Thank you to all for your patience and participation in this process!

To review the Rotational Work Schedule Presentation click below or view your 2019 Calendar based on your current duty days click below.

CAL FIRE Rotating Schedule 8.1.18

2019 Calendar Dashboard Employee Scheduling;jsessionid=95RBUSQjSluyc1wyji8PImSkEdt8qyrMT6ySqS_0.intime?dswid=246

Randy Scales
Brandon Purdy
Brian King
Donald Davis
William O'Connor
Tom Gardner
Kevin Cox
Andrew King
Preston Fouts
Rick Henson
Paul Bisson
Keenan McCarthy
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