CAL FIRE Firefighters Local #2881 – Serving the Professional Firefighters in San Diego County

The 10th District of CAL FIRE Firefighters of Local #2881 is made up of nearly 1000 firefighting members operating out of 56 Fire Stations and facilities. The San Diego Unit houses three fire centers, 2 conservation camps, air attack base, helitack base, 4 dozers, 4 USARs, and 1 Aerial Apparatus Ladder Truck.  Our members staff CAL FIRE All Risk Fire Engines, Municipal Paramedic Engines, Ladder Trucks, Command and Support Vehicles, Paramedic Transport Ambulances, Fire Rescue Helicopters, Urban Search and Heavy Rescue Units, Water Rescue Units, Brush Patrols, Water Tenders, Fire Crew Carrying Vehicles, and Air Coordination Aircraft.  Every aspect of the County Fire Operation in San Diego has members from Local #2881 involved, providing professional service.  We are the Firefighters of San Diego County Fire, the Deer Springs Fire Protection District and the Yuima Municipal Water District.

Local #2881 – 10th District officers work hard every day to ensure that we protect our member’s wages, working conditions, and benefits.  In addition, we stay active in local politics that deal with fire protection in San Diego County.  We ensure that our members are represented as the world-class firefighters they are.  The County has seen tremendous growth in Fire Protection Services and has invested over $450 Million Dollars over the last 10 years.  This dramatic increase in funding, infrastructure, and staffing has been balanced with an open-door relationship with our CAL FIRE San Diego County Fire Management Team, ensuring #1 that the needs of those we service come first.